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Corporate Dining Service

Eat, drink, and party with company

at a value price without going over budget


Eat, drink, and party with company

at a price you can control without going over budget

Thinking about a company party? Let us help you!

If you are looking for a restaurant to eat, drink, and party for special occasions such as New Year's Day, Homecoming Day, and monthly company employee parties,


We recommend Hungry Hub Corporate Dining Service. Our service helps you find restaurants and atmospheres that meet your needs. We offer special deals from 1,200 leading restaurants for group customers. starting at 500 baht per person.


Our Package

Examples of packages for all types

of catering at a price that can be controlled

Restaurants for catering 500 - 1,000 baht

Here are some restaurants that offer corporate catering services in the budget such as Audrey Cafe, Boon Tong Kee, and The Seafood Cafe.

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Restaurant has a private room.

Examples include Jumbo Seafood, Savoey Riverview Rama 3, and RIB ROOM & BAR Steakhouse The Landmark Bangkok.

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Luxury rooftop catering restaurant

Restaurant with a beautiful view, such as Saffron Sky Garden Rooftop, Fallabella River Front, Prime Skyview Hotel. and more

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Have partnership with over

1,200 Restaurants and Hotels

Choose to use the service

by more than 1,000 leading organizations.